127: Philosophical Logic HT20

Lectures HT20

Here are the lecture notes from HT20.

Week 1. Classical propositional logic, variations, and deviations

LfP 2.1-2.4 (2.5 non-examinable), 3.1-3.4 (3.5 non-examinable)
Review of syntax and classical semantics for PL; three-valued semantics; supervaluationism
Lecture notes week 1 [.pdf, new tab]
Additional lecture A (first of two additional lectures for non-EDL students)

Week 2. Modal propositional logic: semantics

LfP 6.1-6.3, 7.1-7.3 (7.4 non-examinable)
Syntax of MPL; Kripke semantics for K, D, T, B, S4 and S5. Deontic, epistemic and tense logic.
Lecture notes week 2
Additional lecture B (second of two additional lectures for non-EDL students)

Week 3. Modal propositional logic: proof theory

LfP 2.6, 2.8, 6.4
Axiomatic proofs for PL. Axiomatic proofs for K, D, T, B, S4 and S5.
Lecture notes week 3

Week 4. Modal propositional logic: metatheory

LfP 2.7, 6.5 (Proofs in 2.9, 6.6 non-examinable)
Soundness and Completeness for MPL. (Proof of completeness is non-examinable).
Lecture notes week 4

Week 5. Classical predicate logic, extensions, and deviations.

LfP 4, 5
Review of the syntax and classical semantics of PC. Extensions of PC.
Lecture notes week 5

Week 6. Quantified modal logic: constant domains

LfP 9.1-9.5, 9.7
Semantics and proof theory for SQML.
Lecture notes week 6

Week 7. Quantified modal logic: variable domains, 2D semantics

LfP 9.6, 10
Kripke semantics for variable domain K, D, T, B, S4, and S5. Two-dimensional semantics for @, X and F.
Lecture notes week 7

Week 8. Counterfactuals.

LfP 8
Stalnaker’s and Lewis’s semantics for counterfactuals.
Lecture notes week 8